Happiness Hacking with Patricia Maddalena
Episode 7

Is every year becoming like the last? Use this Meditation Clearing Quest and Create the BEST YEAR YET!

Patricia Maddalena published on

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anyone can create a set of goals and intentions but what's the difference between those that DO THEM and those that do not?

This Clearing Quest is super powerful…

We will travel back and find the younger self who is holding you back right now, reintegrating with them, dissolving all that 'stuff' that is holding you back right now.

Then we will be leaping multiverses, anchoring you timeline into a year from now, connecting to your Quantum Self who currently embodies and is living the Highest Vision for yourself. The Part of you that holds the Light codes to Royal Living, the part of you that has an abundance of Love, Health, Wealth, Time, Energy & Money. The HIGHEST VERSION of Yourself!

You will be anchoring your timeline into them, downloading their wisdom, knowledge and insights, which will clear away any blocks you may have from receiving FULL abundance into your life upgrading your consciousness to the highest of levels, activating the Royal Codes to higher Living with every cell of your being.


* You will experience Manifestation Acceleration

* You will feel more energised and focused

* You will deepen your connection to your life purpose

* Feel empowered to take action

So, are you in? Join me Patricia Maddalena 

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