Sprint can record you but you can't record them.

Chris Hayes published on

This is a recording of my first attempt to cancel my service contract with Sprint. Given some difficulty dealing with Sprint customer service in the past I felt as though I could no longer trust Sprint's customer service representatives. In an effort to ensure that all terms of the contract were honored as well as any promises made by Sprint customer service I attempted to record my cancellation call. 

The bottom line is that Sprint forces customers to conset to call recording but they will not reciprocate those same terms. 

This recording was made in May 2014

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  • Noah B

    Damn that was funny. Did you tell them you were recording the call or do they have some call monitoring system?

  • Tria Gilbert

    This is an old post and my comment is late to the party but I just want to say thank you. I'm going through a similar situation with Sprint. I just got off the phone with a rep that refused to be recorded eventhough consent to be recorded is given at the beginning of call. If the call is being recorded seems it shouldn't matter if the customer also records. Right?