Healing for Humanity helps you step into the full light of your true self by showing youo how to overcome your emotional pain: your sadness, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt or trauma, to become a more empowered you,  By discovering how you can love yourself more, and become happier, more joyful and more inspired, you can join the movement to "be the change that you want to see" and start taking action to save our beautiful mother earth. Host Elizabeth (Ella) Morelle takes you on a journey into deeper connection with yourself. Her signature approach to somatic psychotherapy helps you to transform deeply held, often unconsious beliefs which are keeping you stuck in the same unhealthy patterns, which you know you are longing to break free of. Ella will be interviewing visionary healers, shamans, musicians and activists and leaders among her many featured guests, to discover how we as a species can get ourselves out of the mess we are in!