Heaven on Earth Club
Episode 3

Stephanie Clancy of Heart Gallery LA - Giving and getting Joy by helping kids find families through adoption

Craig Hamilton published on

This episode features Stephanie Clancy the program manager for Heart Gallery LA.  Stephanie and the Heart Gallery LA are dedicated to finding adoptive families for our hardest to place children in foster care using the power of amazing photographs.  Stephanie shares emotional joyful momemts with stories about when she found a home for a frightened, hard to place young teen and when she discovered in her 20's that she had a sister that she had never known about before and how they reunited.  

Share this episode with those who may be interested in finding joy through adopting or fostering a child.   Stephanie asks of the Heaven on Earth Club   "I would love for your listeners to share this podcast, encourage others to get involved or even take the leap of faith and become a foster or adoptive parent. Above all, I hope your listeners can reach into their hearts and find a way to make the world a better place for kids in foster care, even if they can't adopt.  I manage another great program called Kidsave which is a way to set to know our kids via a hosting/mentoring program with events every month.  It is perfect for those who aren't quite ready to jump into adoption.  can be found at www.heartgalleryla.org or www.kidsave.org    

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