Hero Science
Episode 9

Are You About to Burn Out?: The New Science of Holding it Together ... for Longer.

David George published on

Dr. Daniel Goering is a professor of Psychology and an expert on burnout.

Burnout is a massive problem in the world that is poorly understood.  It is one of the road hazards in life that high-achieving people really should be aware of … if you have your foot on the gas in life and in work, this problem is always lurking and when you hit (sometimes not even realizing it), it can absolutely devastate your life both in a personal and professional sense.

In this interview you’ll hear:

> Daniel’s very new research is shattering some commonly held views about the nature of burnout and its causes and even what it is.

> We discuss what burn out is…. What it feels like… what causes it.. and why employers and companies should care about it. 

> (Like all the guests on our podcast) The difficult challenges he had to endure to get to where he is (on the verge to significantly influence how the world views and handles burnout).  

> An innovative software program he co-invented, which among other things predicts burnout in individuals in organizations, ….even when they aren’t sensing it in themselves, with a very high-degree of accuracy.   

This almost 2 hour interview (yes it’s a long one but is really a GREAT ONE… I dare say for many of you… it may even save your life…)… and we only skimmed the surface!


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