Hero Science
Episode 5

Football is History... Meet the Man who is Rewriting it!

David George published on

Many experts, players and coaches believe that Scott Peters is about to revolutionize how the game of football is played.  The story that got him to this point is fascinating: Scott had spent 5 seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman before his career was unexpectedly interupted by complications from what was supposed to be a relatively minor ankle surgery.  Facing the unexpected end of his football career, he found martial-arts (specifically jiu-jitsu), which he adopted in order to break the monotony of rehab (and to combat depression from years of pain).   He credits this decision for changing his life and gaining him 2 more seasons in the NFL.   This is where it gets really interesting: Scott took the lessons he learned from Jiu-jitsu to develop a coaching system for football that drastically improves the safety of the game while also improving the efficacy of players.   If you are a football or jiu-jitsu fan, you are about to hear history in the making.     

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