Hero Science
Episode 7

Producing Purpose - Using Film and Human Connection to Change the World

David George published on

Kyle Saylors an award-winning Producer & Director and one of the co-Founders of Saylors Brothers Entertainment (a film production company). His projects have found their way into nearly corner of the entertainment industry, including National and International Television programming, hit music videos, award-winning, critically acclaimed documentaries and feature films. 

But Kyle’s trajectory to where he is today has been far from a comfortable, straight line… to me, his personal history and way of going about life is even more impressive than his professional history:

Kyle’s personal history is filled with some really inspiring turn-arounds from challenges that incl. being a kid in a small TX town with no friends, losing everything and being flat broke in Hollywood to finding himself divorced and wondering what to do next… how he dealt with these challenges speaks volumes about the type of person he is and I’m sure you’ll find this interview to be really interesting and inspiring.   

(We even spoke about how his Sundance award winning film… Kim Jongilia led him to be trailed by North Korean spies!)

He is a really interesting guy with an interesting story.

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