Hero Science
Episode 6

The Warrior Soul. Lose the Fear of Losing it All!

David George published on

Warrior Soul Brand founder & former marine, Chris Albert (@warriorsoulagoge) is dedicated to improving the lives of military veterans through his apparel line, online performance coaching business and podcast.  He is known for coaching many well-known celebrities and people to elite physical shape. But his life has been far from a smooth ride.  He is the master of the comeback and his life is the ultimate hero story.  After opening one of the most popular destination gyms in the world, he unexpectedly lost everything ... and I mean everything: marriage, business, money - he was flat broke.  Amazingly, he calls this point of his life “one of the moments he is most grateful for”. His mentality and view of life is truly inspiring and his straightforward approach to nutrition and training may just make your fitness goals a lot easier to reach.    

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