Hero Science
Episode 8

Your Mind is a Trap: How You're Probably Making Your Problems Worse by Trying to Fix Them

David George published on

Have you ever wondered why sometimes things seem to get worse when you try to fix them?

My guest this week is Dr. Steven Hayes… a giant in the field of psychology …. Many believe him to be one of the most important figures in the field for the past century. Steven C. Hayes is Professor in the Behavior Analysis program at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada. Author of 44 books and nearly 600 scientific articles… and thousands more have been written about the systems of psychotherapy he developed Relational Frame Theory, an account of human higher cognition, and has guided its extension to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). His career has focused on an analysis of the nature of human language and cognition and the application of this to the understanding and alleviation of human suffering. I could go on for ages about this man but it you don’t know if already he is impossible to miss online… you may want to watch a couple of his immensely popular TED talks… this man’s work has helped thousands, if not millions of people… and you are about to get an idea of why. This interview was a powerful moment in my own life… we spoke about so many valuable concepts:

How the mind traps you when you try to “fix things”. 

How we get stuck in life.

How we our current approach to pain is flawed.

How his concepts are being applied to communities in crisis.

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