High School with Dan & Rachel

Episode 1

Lightening (It's Super Fast, Y'all)

Daniel Waters Sousa published on

Dan here! I'm not going to lie - I got really fucking high and continued to smoke during the episode too. I don't remember half the shit I said until I edited it. I hope you guys like our introductory episode. 

We talk about what I am munching on, what strain I got, foods we eat and then Rachel very fatherly explains lightening to me. In case you were wondering, this did nothing to make me less afraid of lightening. I also had shout outs planned, but I got so high I forgot. Welp!

So a note: you hear Rachel's boyfriends video game, and our dogs, and my snickering.

Munchie: Digiorno Pizzeria Pizza and Gifford's Muddy Boots icecream 

Weed of the Week: Mystery Weed (that may be Lemon Haze)

Twitter: @rachtacular @danny_waters

Intro from Cheech and Chong's "Up in Smoke"

Website: highschool420.wordpress.com

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