Hiram's Lodge:  A RIVERDALE Aftershow
Episode 16

10, 11 and 12: Tim and Bob return!

Tim Powers published on

Bob and Tim return to bring you their take on RIVERDALE, epsidoes 10, 11 and 12.  We review The Party, the Homecoming dance and the BIG REVEAL.  We also give shout outs to some very supportive friends-- maybe that means YOU!  Jughead calls his mother, but she refuses to let him move in with her. F.P. confesses to everything, including Jason's murder. Jughead subsequently learns that he is being suspended from school. Betty and Alice catch Hal trying to destroy evidence, and learn the family secret: the Coopers are, in fact, Blossoms by blood, and Jason and Polly's relationship was thus technically incest. The Coopers take Polly back to their home. Mary, posing as F.P.'s lawyer, advises Jughead to visit his father, who tells him never to come see him again. With Joaquin's help, the group tracks down one of F.P.'s associates, but find him dead of overdose. The police are summoned, and find a bag full of money with Hermione's initials on it. With both Hal and Hermione cleared as suspects, Jughead and Betty investigate a lead from Kevin, and find Jason's varsity jacket. Inside one of the pockets, they find a thumb drive and discover Clifford murdered Jason, before informing Cheryl. Nevertheless, Jughead learns that his father's other charges will not be dropped. Veronica learns that her father has been formally released, and Mary returns to Chicago. When the police go to arrest Clifford, Cheryl directs them to his corpse hanging in the syrup distillery, next to several open casks filled with drugs.

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