Hiram's Lodge:  A RIVERDALE Aftershow
Episode 11

Episode 7: In A Lonely Place

Tim Powers published on

Bob Peterson and Tim Powers, two grown men who love Archie Comics, return to gush like pre-teen fangirls about this episode of The CW's hit series, RIVERDALE.  Tim and Bob discuss alcoholism, mental health, gender norms, high school and, of course, the fun of Archie Comics.  Don't forget to leave a review on iTunes.  Be sure to visit your local comic shop and ask for Archie Comics.  Follow us on Twitter at @lodge_hiram . he destruction of an important piece of evidence triggers new speculation as to whom murdered Jason; things intensify when Jughead's father gets back into the fray, which reveals unsolved issues between him and Fred. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of her fight with Hermione, Veronica decides to take matters into her own hands; and Cheryl makes an unexpected proposal to Betty.

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