Holistic Creators
Episode 31

When essential oils help emotionally, physically, and spiritually … the body can heal itself.

Swanette Kuntze published on

Guest: Francine Juhlin

Francine Juhlin was in the Military for 22 years and being an aircraft electrician took a toll on her body. As a result, she put on LOTS of weight, got really unhealthy, and relied on handsfull of medication to make it through the day. In addition, she was experiencing emotional issues resulting from her husband’s recent medical retirement and him becoming sucidial. She knew there was more to life than just making it through the day. She was looking for the magic pill to stop this insanity.  Throughout her journey, she discovered that there is no such thing as a magic pill and hard work was needed to FIX their problems. She already had a positive experience with essential oils and started researching. It’s when she discovered how to addresss the emotional issues that she really started to heal. Now, she wants to save people from having to hit rock bottom like her husband and herself had. People can learn from their journey.





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