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Episode 39

No Holds Barred (1989)

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The 1989 feature film No Holds Barred stars no other than the immortal Hulk Hogan as a professional wrestler, who is in fight of his life against an evil network executive.

The movie is actually produced by the WWF and Vince McMahon under the the Shane Distribution Company. There are cameos from Jesse Ventura and Mean Gene Okerland as commentators and Howard Finkel as the ring announcer. You also get to see the legendary Stan Hansen who plays rugged tough guy at the bar visited by the television executives. As well as an appearance by the late Robert “Jeep” Swenson.

Now if you are a wrestling fan than you definitely need to see this movie. Hulk Hogan plays a character who is close to his real life self at the time. His name is Rip and he is the biggest attraction on television as the WWF Champion. Rip is motivated by his younger brother Randy who is ringside at all of his big matches. He attracts the interest of a rival network executive Brell (Kurt Fuller) who wants to boost his networks ratings.

Rip does not take Brells offer to join his network and chooses to stay faithful. Brell decides to start his own show called “Battle of The Tough Guys” which becomes extremely popular with the introduction of a man called Zeus. Zeus is an ex-convict who actually killed an opponent in a ring once. Even with this success, Brell still wants to get his hands on Rip and have him on his network. Rip also meets a love interest, who may not be all that she seems. Through a series of twist and turns Rip will be forced to take on Brell’s monster Zeus in the fight of his life.

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