Hollywood Hangout
Episode 54

Phat Beach (1996)

Dirt Sheet Dudes published on

During a glorious Southern California summer, high school student Benny King (Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins) is doing time flipping burgers. Benny's father wants him to learn the work ethic, rather than have him sit around the house all summer, dreaming and writing. It's not surprising, then, that when his old friend Durrell (Brian Hooks) comes by with a more attractive alternative, Benny jumps at it. When his family goes on vacation, Benny borrows his father's Mercedes and heads on down to the beach with Durrell.At the beach, they meet the "Beastie Boy reject" Mikey Z, a homeboy wannabe, played by actor Gregg Vance (the only white caucasian character in the movie). They have told themselves that they are there to sell beach-goers cheap sunglasses, but they are really there to show off their 'phat' box and attract the finest girls with portable beats on the beach.Comic encounters with the beach girls and a continuous playful banter between Mickey Z and the Durrel-Benny duo form the mainstay of the movie .

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