Home Row

Home Row is a podcast of three folks from different backgrounds of gaming, with totally different likes and dislikes, who jump on and blast opinions in your ears.  Each week we take a news story, game we played, or some sort of gaming related revelation and break it down, usually passionately.  Passion means yelling.  Submit your ideas for topics/news/deep thoughts to joe@playenlightened.com or tweet to us (links below) and we'll call you out in the episode!


VERY Special thank you to Dean Cutty for the HomeRow theme and John Wagner for the Logo!!


Doxy - Twitch.tv/Zer0Doxy // Twitter - The resident glutton for punishment and indie lover. Doxy has a long and storied past of getting her ass kicked in everything from Binding of Isaac and Spelunky, to every Souls game thus far.  She's got a knack for finding some of the best looking, and most fascinating indies out there.

Brian - Twitch.tv/Quiglin // Twitter - The JRPG guy, Brian's had time with CoinOp.tv as a reviews guy, previews guy, news guy, just all around good guy.  Even though he's from Cincinatti, he's still ok...mostly.

Joe - Twitch.tv/JoeMcCallister // Twitter - Probably the bro gamer category of the bunch, really into AAA games, reviewing for Examiner.com he typically gets some big games to talk about that are hot in the news, and dominate headlines.  Joe isn't against indies or JRPG's per say, but will always cry about having "no time" to play.  There's a T-shirt idea in there somewhere.

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