Home Row

Episode 7

Cockney Brock Lesnar

Joe McCallister published on

The HomeRow crew discuss the wild success of Kickstarters Yooka Laylee and Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night and ponder if Kickstarter can have a renaissance of confidence in the games sector, as almost everyone we know has been burned by crowdfunding at least once.  Also on the agenda is a bit more on Konami, Kojima, Silent Hills and that whole...thing.  We wonder if people inside Konami are as frustrated as the rest of us, and if Konami is preparing to just slowly retreat into the bushes, away from video game sector.  We also find out that Star Wars Battlefront will actually have more than 8 maps, showing signs of having 12 available at launch, a much more palatable number for shooter fans.  


Doxy has been playing a bit of an extended demo of Jotun, a game she mentioned previously, and is still loving the art and approach, as well as teasing us with a description of a game called Dystopia from a few years back, which is now without a community.  The DoxMeister6000 also has been spinning up Killing Floor 2, and is totally in love, selling us on the survival and horror aspects while making the game sound legitimately panic-inducing and therefore, fun.

Brian's been playing more Bloodborne and mining Doxy for tips, while stumbling into areas he definitely shouldn't be in.  He's clearly drinking the Souls Kool Aid as the punishment serves as twisted pleasure when he finally beats some areas or bosses.  Also on the list for Brian was Dungeons 2, and he loved it, which made Joe smile.  Joe and Brian gush about the whimsical and just plain fun nature of the game, noting that it won't win BAFTAs, but it's just a solid, well made game that's fun to jump in.


Joe has been playing, shocker, Battlefield Hardline, but more importantly spent a lot of time with The Weaponographist on Steam.  He was a slave to the quick respawn and "get back out there" nature of the game, and the drive to continue to find, fight, and progress kept him going through the game.  While it has a bit of a floaty hero and the art style is a bit disjointed, Joe and Doxy both enjoy the game quite a bit, and recommend it to fans of the genre.

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