Home Row

Episode 9

E3 2015 Part 1: Absolutely no technical issues at all

Joe McCallister published on

In this wonderful and extended (and LIVE!) version of the Home Row podcast, the crew goes over the hype machine that is E3. With juggernauts like Bethesda blowing minds, and Minecraft proving it still can be cool, it was a great show for all gamers of all kinds.  With almost too much info to go over we gave it a shot, and have the second live show TONIGHT! Check it out over at http://twitch.tv/zer0doxy 


Joe was totally smitten by the Microsoft conference and will probably shell out funds for an Elite controller, while Brian and Doxy just didn't get it.  The amount of time spent talking about Fallout is pretty substantial, because let's be real; it's going to be pretty ok.  We were pretty unanimously impressed with Bethesda's lineup and show in general, and while there were a few hiccups in all of the shows, it seemed like we just had a damn good few days.  


Oh and Brian loses internet and we stick to the code.

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