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Episode 15

Episode 15 - Teledildonics

Joe McCallister published on



The gang is back, and talkin robot dildos.  We kick off the week welcoming our very special guest Green9090 who brings to the table the wonderful world of VR Porn Peripherals which quickly devolves into how we're basically going to sex up robots sooner than later with the gem of a quote "you can put your dick on it, but you're not going to like what it does" (paraphrasing).  We chat about the name change from Project Morpheus to Playstation VR or PSVR, or however the PSPR folks will spin it. There's also chattings about PS Vita, PS VitaTV, and much more, but the real star this week is the things we've played.  


Green enlightens us to his obsession with Dark Souls II and his recent journeys through the game in a new way, with Scholar of the First Sin - he's liking getting back into Dark Souls but some of the decisions seem downright weird.

Brian has been all about that bear in Danganronpa which he finished up and found totally awesome, with a cool ending as well as some end-game content he didn't expect. Now he's looking forward to the second game, which he moved right up to the top spot in his Gamefly queue, which is telling. Oh and he watches 8-bit people sleep. Beyond that, his "poop" games, which the rest of us call pooping games; Family Guy, the Simpsons, those wonderful wait for it game types.

Doxy recounts the wonderful game that is Shovel Knight, which we concurred we all want to play, but no one did.  Running only $15 it might not be a bad time to pick it up and an expansion on the horizon, it's worth checking out. Doxy is also anxiously awaiting her precious Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth and next week will be playing the terrifying looking SOMA.

Joe has been, well, busy with games.  Mad Max did some cool things and built a neat world to look at but one that just fell flat especially in combat, and felt like it took bits from other games but never made anything all its own. Metal Gear is still his fallback, to waste time and fulton out more troops or just chill out, retaining the GOTY spot for now but still having to fight a bit against The Witcher. Joe also wanted to make sure people know about Blues and Bullets, an episodic noir with some really cool artistic flair and some very interesting investigation set pieces, only running $5 on Xbox One and Steam right now.  Currently Joe is all about Destiny, The Taken King is king of taking (get it??) all his time, and it has turned him back on to Destiny, likening it more to the Reaper of Souls update for Diablo - better loot, more fun, and an actually interesting Sci Fi story.  Joe has also been playing some FIFA 16 but can't really talk about it in terms of a review, so look forward to that next week.


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