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Episode 16

Episode 16 - BenaDoxy

Joe McCallister published on

in THIS, the 16th, and most memorable episode yet, because they just get better and better - we chat about the fact that Konami has "comitted to the core" and plans to continue developing games on their IP like Castelvania and Metal Gear, we doubt they'll do much of repute but really hope some up and coming writer gets a crack at some seriously cool opportunities for stories.  We also chat about games cutting single player entirely - Call of Duty Black Ops III has no campaign on Xbox 360 and PS3, but you get zombies, so Activision are generous gods.  Rainbow 6 Siege has no single player as well, but for different reasons it seems - Brian gets a bit upset about the COD news, while Joe still isn't sure R6 has what it needs to be worth that $60 price tag.

Doxy Played some Jotun and likes it quite a bit, but chat seemed to not dig the art style for some reason, while she also got some time in with P.T. finally - it only made her more sadified that it won't come to be. She wasn't a fan of the puzzles though, and even if it were something of a teaser to be tough to figure out, some of itw as just dumb.  She also explains how she had to rethink interior design following the late night play.

Brian got into a lot of really cool board games including Exploding Kittens and Artemis. Exploding Kittens almost made Doxy cry at first, but the game still sounds like a blast, and Artemis looks to be a really cool starship sim game played with a projector and dictating responsibilities.  

Joe can finally talk about FIFA, and reveals that it's an incredible soccer game for fans, as well as those that wanted to check the game out in general - with a good learning curve that teaches as you go, and a super addictive Ultimate Team mode, it's just plain fun.  If you hate soccer though, you'll hate FIFA so just move on.  Also NBA Live 16 is a bit rough, with some weird physics and a system that just feels like it's cheating you more often than not, it never pays off to put more time in and never feels truly engaging.  This is about the time where Doxy brings up Elements, a card game she's been playing that seems to play against you in the wrong ways - drawing the exact cards you don't need.  Moving on Joe also played Skylanders Superchargers, a baby game he thought, but it took him back to golden days of sitting cross-legged on the floor...and then he actually did that.


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