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Episode 17

Episode 17 - Brian = Kawaii

Joe McCallister published on

An amazing live show, duh - we love our chat...so...SO much it really can't be understated - and with our transition to our own, new channel at twitch.tv/homerowpodcast - we're doing once a month live shows.  This one was a bit rough as it was full of tech issues right away, and Joe lost audio, but thankfully the viewer count kept climbing, and our amazing audience carried us through!  


This week we chat about the SAG-AFTA voice actors union ( a bit of a late breaking story but hey, we take what we get). We also chat about how Minecraft owner Microsoft now owns a big physics engine (Joe is totally right, it's a much better business decision than Minecraft, objectively) and we hit the reveal of Far Cry Primal - which even though Ubi is going a little...well Ubisoft on this one, we're probably all still going to check it out.


Doxy is playing some D&D and is totally hyped, so we get the full story of her rolled character, and she's just super (we would totally welcome fanart of this or a fan writeup of the story...just.saying.) and started a new stream of Don't Starve Together with Ambz (twitch.tv/canhasambz).


Brian's played Mighty No. 9 right after a bit of Mega Man, and side by side it's a little weird. He also soured a little on Heroes of Might and Magic, as it seemed to just get to be a bit much, but fans will still love it. He also got a review copy of Rebel Galaxy, which he's super psyched to tell us more about in another show.


Joe has had a bit of a slow week, after the logjam that was last weeks playlist, he's back to waiting on Battlefront, playing a PS4 version of Wasteland 2 for review (which he can't really talk about too much, but the it was great the first time around on PC), and another game called Grand Age: Medieval but can't really offer up a good opinion, oh and that's embargoed too - so next week there'll be more for sure.


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