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Episode 18

Episode 18 - Peace Denise

Joe McCallister published on

Our heroes reunite to talk about the PlayStation 4 being $349 and already having a sizable lead in the console sales graphs and charts, what the hell can Microsoft do to even hope to keep up?  Also in the news is the weird story of Destiny, and how it's finally becoming a real game, a year after release - Kotaku has an excellent story that Joe highly recommends.


Doxy has been playing DeathState, a top-down shooter, somewhat like Isaac, which we all know she adores. While there are things she digs, there are few that she doesn't but she's candid and wants to give it more time to marinate before really forming the final Doxy word.  Also on her plate was Devil's Bluff a multiplayer murder mystery kind of close to Clue or Trouble in Terrorist Town, but there are a few rough edges on this one and hopefully we'll get some more reports down the road because the concept is uber cool.


Brian gushes about Rebel Galaxy, and basically gets across the idea that it's a sick space trucker game that we all need to at least check out the page for.  He tells a story of insanely cool music, and a game where you can pick up your own career as a trader, miner, or warlord.  Next up for Brian was Talos Principle, which he seems to really dig the puzzles and the kind of strange beats it hits, but at times it seems to love the smell of its own farts, coming off a bit pretentious. Overall though the mechanics and puzzles are great though, and it's an interesting change of pace.


Joe got after some Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - a comeback sequel to an old-school RPG that focuses on tactics, systems, and boils it down to D&D type character building, with some extremely deep mechanics. Overall the game is great, and it'll turn off those looking for a Fallout 3 type experience, but if you liked what you saw in Fallout 1, 2, or Tactics, it's totally worth a look. Also, Joe brought back the rock with Guitar Hero Live - totally expecting another ho-hum rhythm game but getting his face melted by the sick chords. But really it provided a new take on the classic mechanics and overall was just a blast. The new guitar is sturdy, the new modes are cool, and the song choices are varied enough to get anyone in the game.  Next up is Lego Dimensions and Joe cannot wait to regress to 10 year old form.

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