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Episode 20

Episode 20 - Prasie the Butt

Joe McCallister published on

*If you're listening/reading and want a live show the week of Fallout to talk about it as well as Tomb Raider, let us know! Tweet at twitter.com/homerowpodcast!

In this episode we anxiously await our copies of Fallout 4, instead we have to revisit Konami because they can't stay out the news. Konami LA is no more, and we muse about the bummer it is - Joe was at this studio last year playing Metal Gear Solid V and feels really weird about remembering faces that now have no job.  The crew's thoughts are with the team there and as they're a super talented team, we hope they get picked up quick.

The topic of throttling and bad internet come up as Brian turns into RoboQuiglin4000 a few times and we side track into rants about how the US internet is just...just the worst. #comcastkills

The crew then moves over to how leaks are bad, and generally just bad form.  As the discussion moves on they break down the difference between a leak and a spoiler, the effect on gamers, and the unintended super bummer that comes for the developer trying to hold things close to the chest.

After a few big bummers we talk about the games that are coming up that are just pure excite - Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause, Uncharted - we're in for a great few months folks, and the Home Row crew cannot wait to chat about them with you.


Brian's been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and finds himself wanting to go back - which is more than a few of the past entries can say. The people that populate London hold some interest and tell some fun stories, as well as seem to be interesting enough.

Doxy is all about Until Dawn and loves the hell out of it - she basically freaks out saying that every and all people should play.  Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth is next up, and as is probably par for the course; she loves it.  She's playing more and finding some new twists that aren't necessarily her favorite - but that doesn't sway the opinion; it's awesome.

We're also making a custom bundle of sorts when we hit 500 subscribers on YouTube! Tell your friends and when we hit 500 we'll enter all our subs into a pool and give away a ton of stuff!!

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