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Episode 22

Episode 22 – Let’s End This Thing

Joe McCallister published on


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Just Kidding! We ain’t done, not by a long shot.  This week – it’s more microtransaction garbage in a game that’s not even done yet! Killing Floor 2 has added the option for sweet sweet real bucks to be used for items, and as expected, Reddit handles it with grace. We dive into what is acceptable and what’s just the word for paying for the things.  Also we talk at length about Kotaku, as they’ve put up a piece that at first blush seems a bit like a “yeah you guys do you” but after further inspection comes off a bit more “what did you expect?”.  It’s a complicated issue which only the most analytical and critical of pundits can analyze with depth…so we gave it a shot anyway.


Doxy has been playing some Noct – a creepy and sublime top-down game where you’ve got to work together using arcade combat to solve puzzles.  She’s digging it for sure but wants to get more time in before really rendering a judgement.  Also on the docket for Doxy…the Dox-et if you will – is SoulHunt a creepy take on the hide and seek phenom that came out of Garry’s Mod, players can inhabit objects while avoiding a clown in a hospital.  The clown can hear your heartbeat, and you can stay your heartbeat for a few seconds in order to hopefully keep your soul alive as a cup for a few minutes more. 


Brian is all over some Star Wars Battlefront, and as is the general consensus with the game – it’s mostly awesome, but can start to show its lack of depth and content after a few hours.  All that being said though Brian and Joe gush about how engrossing and engaging it is as a Star Wars experience in the moment to moment gameplay. It’s only when you realize you’ve only got four real maps, and not a lot of drive to keep going that it becomes a bummer, but by then the next game starts.  Also on for Brian is Sword Art Online: Lost Song where he’s pretty much got some of the same feelings as Battlefront, where it’s great to start but after a bit the rough edges pop up and it just starts to wear.  Walking through characters, recycled enemies, and a general feeling of being the wrong kind of time machine make this one not-too-hot on his list for the time being, but he’s not saying it’s total garbage.


Joe has been playing more Fallout 4 and spares us the song and dance, but assures us that while it’s still a 5/5, he’s continuing the trek on PC and loving it even more with a solid framerate and making some crazy choices for Barb the wasteland badass. He’s also just reviewed The Crew: Wild Run, and it redeems a lot of what made The Crew so blah at launch, although it’s still held back by the same chains that held the original back – microtransactions and a lack of real collection of a stable of cars. Wild Run introduces some really cool stuff with monster trucks, motorbikes, drifting, and drag racing, all of which Joe thinks would’ve made The Crew a standout racer if it was there at launch, but it wasn’t and that might hurt Wild Run in notoriety.

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