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Episode 23


Joe McCallister published on

Or "Cincinatti is just the most depressing place".  Everyone but Joe is insane, Chili is the only cold-weather food. Lasagna? LASAGNA?! What are you people doing with your lives?

Our very special guest this week is CKD - find him over at https://twitter.com/CommodoreKD

In another typical December, news is light but that's good - cus we be playin games y'all. 

Doxy got time with Star Wars Battlefront and was absolutely in love with it. She's on the same page that everything about the game is engaging and just plain cool Star Wars stuff.  Brian and Joe want to see when she might hit that wall of "well that's all there is" but it seems like her wide-eyed adoration for the Star Wars she got to jump into will make that later, rather than sooner.

Our esteemed guest CKD played a bit of Just Cause 3, and is noting some pretty glaring differences in the style of Just Cause 3.  While some things were taken out, the game is "still Just Cause, and still fun." and describes it as "everything explodes all the time".  Joe and CKD gush about how there are some things that are a little off, but the overall game is a ton of fun, and designed to just let you go crazy in the best ways.  

The gang gets into a discussion then about open world games and driving controls and different mechanics; example being GTA V and the handling for each car model, while still being a huge open world.  

We stop quick to talk about Rainbow Six Siege and how no one on the show is playing it. Joe played a while back but never got the itch to buy the full product and it still doesn't get that "full experience" feel across.

Brian played a ton of board games recently and gushes about his wife lying to him and it being totally okay. Brian is slogging through Sword Art Online: Lost Song but unfortunately it's just not doing it, the characters and enemies are still quite same-y, the story is a bit cliche, but there is some saving grace in the flying, but it's few and far between.

Brian and Joe have Gears Remastered on deck but haven't played - which spins into a sweet discussion about how the use of "COME ON" plays into the game, and how Gears wore out for a bit, but now it feels like time to go back. Doxy says "I'm never not going to be excited for a Gears game". While Brian isn't sold on the creepy aspects, the rest of the crew reminisces about how that's always kind of been part of the series.


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  • James Pritty

    I just found out Doxy was on a podcast today when i managed to watch her Q&A with minx and i must say, I LOVE IT! More doxy is my life! All 3 of you guys are great though! I will defniatly be keeping up to date with these, thank you guys. :)