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Episode 26

Episode 26 - Buttfinger

Joe McCallister published on

The gang is back - and back at it in spectacular fashion. In what is technically a very sound show (a first, ever) Brian struggles with Cincinatti ISP problems and illustrates the importance of high res video.  CKD joins the group coming in hot with his GOTY's which include Undertale, Witcher 3, Dropsy, MGS V: The Phantom Pain, LISA, and Fallout 4 - even though the last patch broked his controls.


The group chats about Oculus Pricing - a somewhat shocking discussion really - EA not having a traditional E3 press conference, the Wii U and Nintendo, and Kojima is on a world tour - but that's about it.


Doxy has been all about Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and it's "crazy dope" but the fusion of Dragon Age and Dark Souls comes out in the RPG in beautiful fashion - Brian and Joe have played as well and gush about how cool the game really is.

CKD has been on Darkest Dungeon, which he's still a fan of but not a fan of the RNG and it can be brutal as always.  Also getting a share of the time was Mad Max - which Joe and CKD hit on the incredible apocalyptic world, the look and feel, and more are nailed - but the game overall has a great Mad Max vibe, and it does movie properties well - Mad Max is an example of a very solid game, but doesn't really excel too crazily. 

Quigs has been on more Lego Dimensions - taking his sweet time through the Ghostbusters and Dr Who levels, of which he has two totally different impressions. Also on the list was Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered. Joe and Brian are on the same page here having both played it just feels a bit weird, leaves some things out and overall is an awesome Resident Evil game, but there are qualifiers when recommending it.

Joe got time into Uncharted and Until Dawn - Uncharted getting the lion's share of time it really hit a lot of cool notes for him, and will probably be the go-to for the future.  Until Dawn hit the right spots as well but didn't get the full treatment

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