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Episode 27

Homerow Podcast 27 - AlPAXcapatrol

Joe McCallister published on

On this, the epic 27th entry in the odyssey of the Home Row podcast we welcome Alpacapatrol, our esteemed guest and nobleman. Slow news week – but that won’t stop KOJIMA KORNER!! The DICE Summit will feature talks from Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro about the creative process as well as Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford – check out some of the cool past talks from what is basically TED talks for games here (there’s one with JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell!) : http://www.dicesummit.org/ 
Brian went to PAX South – which was awesome and saw a TON of great games. Gushing about games like Umbrella Corps, Street Fighter V, Moving Hazard, Dead Star, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Stories: Path of Destinies, Marble Mountain, Enter the Gungeon and Omnibus. We learned there’s a thriving and passionate bus simulator community, Re/Core developers are hard at work on a really cool space game in the interim, and SF:V has some incredible artwork.
Brian also got to try the HTC Vive with the aforementioned Marble Mountain, and this spawned a chat about VR yet again, which Alpacapatrol had some unique observations on what could happen that we’ve not heard before, while Doxy and Joe are still hype – Brian is showing his first signs of apprehension, or perhaps major bummage that VR might be a bit price prohibitive.
Alpacapatrol has been playing Darkest Dungeon in the not-so-patient wait for XCOM 2. We found out that Alpacapatrol has about the same gripes that Brian did, finding a few things a little annoying, but realizing the game is overall very solid. He’s also been on some Adventure Capitalist as mobile fix for the time being. 
Doxy has been all over Might and Magic III – and everyone agrees it is awesome. While she wants more time, and finds it a bit brutal, it’s awesome and she can’t wait to get more going.
Joe gushes about The Division after admitting he has a Battlefield and Halo problem again. The Division is shaping up to be something great after Joe got about 20-ish hours on two different platforms and is utterly impressed. Also impressive is that Joe went all tactical speak just like the stupid Ubisoft videos from the past few years. 

Alpacapatrol - www.twitch.tv/alpacapatrol / http://www.youtube.com/alpacapatrol 

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