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Episode 30

Steampunk and Poopin

Joe McCallister published on

(this is actually episode 29.1) Not going to lie, it's a low energy week gang. But we did it - we still were able to get on a roll and talk for an hour about the best hobby around.  This week's news was a bit slow, with the closure of Motorstorm and Driveclub developer Evolution Studios being a major bummer (good luck to all those finding new spots!) we also chat about Ark Survival Evolved being embroiled in a lawsuit regarding the oh so fun realm of IP and making things. We chat about the possibilities and what might happen if a large company took over a game due to IP conflicts.

We also chat a bit a bout the Gametrailers team that remained at closure starting up Easy Allies(https://www.patreon.com/EasyAllies?ty=h) - a patreon and channel for their solid content and we're all pretty jacked that the positive voices they brought to GT will still be around.  

The crew moves on to why The Division might get a 6.7 when we all dig it entirely, which spirals into a huge discussion about reviews and opinion, as well as the challenges that come from it. 

Doxy is a bit behind in the games played category but has some time in Division, Stardew, and is really excited to start Leap of Fate (although it's a bit NDA'd at the moment). She's also been playing Golf with Friends, and Drinking Quest - both of which sound incredible!

Quiglin has been playing a crazy game called Poop in your Soup, and you'd be surprised to learn it's extremely mature and about the politics of the third...you know what I can't even finish that - it's a game where you poop on things and it's $1.

Joe has been playing Dark Souls 3 - and it's totally clicking. Without spoiling anything for the Doxy Death Count streams we inevitably will see, it's neat.  Also on the played list is Battleborn - a first person MOBA from the Borderlands developer Gearbox - which is a cool game but would benefit greatly from online multiplayer(Joe couldn't connect to matchmaking in a reasonable amount of time) and a solid team to work with

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