Home Row

Episode 1

Ze Pilot! John Wayne Hates Red Dead Redemption

Joe McCallister published on

In this, the pilot episode of Home Row, we explore the idea of even comprehending what Nintendo is thinking at any given moment, and what the future of the NX might be. We also freak out about the partnership with Free-to-Play game mill DeNA for the use of our beloved Mayrio and Looeejee in the mobile space.  Doxy brings up Indie games, which will probably be a thing forever, and enlightens us as to what the hell Jotun and Death's Gambit are, as well as why Joe needs to play games like Dark Souls. Clearly Doxy has no regard for the mental health of Joe, or the physical health of his controlling devices. Brian does his best John Wayne, and we're not going to fault him for trying.


Games we chat abouts; Jotun, Oblitus, Dark Souls, Spelunky, Death's Gambit, Battlefield Hardline, Pokemon (briefly), Homeworld Remastered, Rebel Galaxy

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