Episode 196

A Rumblin' In My Tummy

Chris Hayes published on
Jeff Glucker updated on

Chris and I are in the studio and we're chatting about some of the vehicles I've driven lately. This includes; the Dinan BMW M2 S2, the Audi S3, and... the Chrysler Pacifica for some reason. I'll be heading out later today to sample the latest Audi S4 and S5, which I'll talk about on a future episode. We also have a new sponsor, so thanks goes out to http://NicholasHunziker.com.

There's some mention of an upcoming milestone and a bit more talk about all the stuff we're doing with Valvoline for Team.Valvoline.com.

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  • Tyler Dean

    Hey Jeff, you 'accidentally an h' in Nicolas's name. Here's the working link to Nic's site. Really cool stuff on there, might I add: http://www.nicolashunziker.com/

  • Ross Beaton

    I'm confused. The TT RS is a turbo inline 5...?