Episode 126

Android Cars and Electric Sheep

Chris Hayes published on
Jeff Glucker updated on

Hosts Jeff Glucker and Chris Hayes are taking a gander at the Acura NSX, as the first drive reports filter out. Friend of Hooniverse Alex Roy is talked up as he just finished a cross-country trip in a mostly autonomous Tesla Model S. The Mazda CX-3 proves to be a delightful little machine, and there's plenty to chat about regarding updates to the #HoonTruck.

Also, the guys answer some of your Facebook questions.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    The operation found not be completed

  • Jonathan Brown

    On all shout engine podcasts

  • michael cianci

    I am offended by who ever that is saying the old ones are not driven by car guys. the original NSX is utterly amazing and every person I've met with one loves it and drives it more than any of there other non-dailys. they "just want something pwetty"? what a ridiculous statement