Episode 159

Goodwood Recap

Jeff Glucker published on

Jeff is back from Goodwood. No, this isn't the Scotland Part Deux episode that some of you were hoping to find. Instead, this is a more sober look back at what just might be the greatest automotive event on the planet.

Besides Goodwood, Jeff talks about some HoonTruck stuff and a few upcoming trips. One of those will see him driving the new Grand Sport Corvette, so stay tuned for a report on that one.

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  • Michael England

    Dude, I've never listened to a podcast before but I love Hooniverse and I've been meaning to listen to a podcast for some time. I am listening to your Goodwood Recap now and I am going to try and figure out how to download a handfull of these so I'll have something on my phone to listen to on the plane. I just saw your request for money - no problem. I'll give you like 35 or 50 bucks and maybe in a few months or something I'll do it again, but when I looked at your patreon website (another 1st-time for me) the only thing I see is a $10-per-month or more. I'm not into the whole so-much-a-month, but give me a chance to donate and I'll give you some money. Keep up the good work by the way. I love that red and white pickup.

  • Jeff Glucker

    There should be one as low as $1/month.


    $1, $5, $10, or $25. That's the only way we can set it up at the moment. Don't feel bad if you can't donate, just know we are happy you're listening.