Episode 178

Oh Canada, you bring delicious beer

Jeff Glucker published on

Jeff and Zack are joined in the studio by guests Brendan McAleer and Ryan West. One is a tremendous writer from Canada who has been on the show before and the other is a first time guest that brings the heat by one-upping nearly all the beer bringers. Nearly.... Brendan and Jonny still win all.

The topic ranges from Brendan's ability to cover amazing cars new and old to Ryan's world with the Right Foot Down website and Untitled Car Show podcast.

Also... Jeff is thinking of selling the #HoonTruck!

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  • Stephan Romanovsky

    Liquid Yellow R53 owner here! Best car a 20 year old could have, honestly. Come join us over at NorthAmericanMotoring, we're always happy to help with recommendations!!

    Preventative maintainance/oil leak elimination (in order of importance): PowerFlex LCA Bushings, Ball Joints, Belt Tensioner, Timing Chain Tensioner, Oil Pan Gasket, Valve Cover Gasket, Crankshaft Position Sensor O-Ring, Motor Mounts, Thermostat/Housing, Spark Plug Wires, clean off the rust on the coil pack terminals (especially cylinder 3), ATi Super Damper

    Easy cheap mods:
    Operation Vacuum Gain System (VGS): The most interesting all cheap power mods. Essentially free, adjusts how S/C bypass valve operates by using fuel regulator pressure. Boost comes on instantly, and at like 2000rpm instead of 3500. http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/how-to/38268-drivetrain-operation-vacuum-gain-system-vgs.html
    One Ball Exhaust http://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/drivetrain-cooper-s/23789-your-mcs-exhaust-reference-thread-videos-sound-clips-etc.html
    Supercharger Pulley https://www.reddit.com/r/MINI/comments/1n8v3b/just_had_my_r53_fitted_with_a_15_pulley_and_dynod/
    Alta Adjustable Short Shifter

    Good luck!