Episode 160

Poke me man... go!

Jeff Glucker published on

Jeff is back in the podcast studio and he's joined this week by great friend of the show Zack Klapman. The two talk about Zach's adventure in Germany and his ongoing search for a car. Zack has narrowed it down to hunting for the right E36 M3. Meanwhile, Jeff has some HoonTruck updates and he also recently took a quick spin in a Superformance GT40 MkII.

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  • Brendan A. MacWade

    Best cars of 1980? You're right. Mos are crap. What does come to mind, aside from a few German cars are the light Japanese trucks. Some of those are high in demand today.

    My birth year, 1973, isn't much better. But things were more interesting on the other side of the pond. http://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/top-10s/top-10-the-class-of-1973

  • Stephan Romanovsky

    Cross-country drug run: Anything slow, awkward and bright yellow (i.e Mini Cooper, VW Beetle, PT Cruiser).