Episode 225

Renegade Hybrids - SEMA 2017

Chris Hayes published on

This episode I'm joined by Renegade Hybrids of Las Vegas; purveyors of the famous LS engine swap kits for the Porsche 911. You've likely seen or read about their work over the last year as they made a big splash at SEMA 2016 offering up test drives to a number of automotive journalists. We start off with the history of Renegade and quickly dive into the positives and negatives of swapping a big V8 into a spot where a flat six formerly resided and even go so far as to explore the depths of wiring harnesses in these ambitious swaps.

Check out Rengades website at http://www.renegadehybrids.com/ and once again thanks to Magnaflow for providing a stage for ShoutEngine podcasts at SEMA 2017.


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