Episode 111

The Stars At Night...

Chris Hayes published on
Jeff Glucker updated on

This is the one where we say goodbye to co-host Blake Z. Rong. He's packing up his LA life and relocating to Austin, Texas. We're joined by guest Michael Banovksy, who is Managing Editor of Petrolicious. Additional, he's the auther of the book Weird Cars. Our chatter revolves around his own car history, how he got "into cars", and we dabble a bit in the world of Petrloicious.

After that, Jeff talks a bit about his Isle of Man TT experience before we all dive back to talk about some of our favorite episodes over the last 110 episode run.

Fair thee well Blake Z. Rong... we will keep your chair warm.

(with farts)

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  • Cheyne Etie

    Hey Blake,
    Hows that Austin traffic that you thought would be better than LA traffic?