Episode 63

Two Wheels, BAD!

Jeff Glucker published on

Zack Klapman from /DRIVE and The Smoking Tire joins me for Episode 63 of the Hooniverse Podcast. We have no agenda this evening, but our conversations surround two main topics.

  1. Zach talks about his horrific motorcycle accident from back when he was in college.
  2. We discuss the application of the term "supercar" and if the term "hypercar" needs to exist.

Oh, and I digress to talk about an awesome snowboarding documentary called The Crash Reel. It's seriously good... just like this episode of the podcast.

Stop stalling and make the leap to listen to Episode 63.

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  • Michael Pruszkowski

    ermergerd whats the name of the song in the intro?? ps love your podcast

  • Jeff Glucker

    Thank you!
    And I have no clue... Chris found it somewhere, hit him up on twitter and ask him.