Episode 22

We Wuv Wheels! w/ Alan Peltier from HRE Wheels

Jeff Glucker published on

Wheels make the world go round... or something like that. It makes sense then that we're excited to have Alan Peltier on the podcast. He's the president of HRE Wheels, which produce what many consider to best the best rollers on the planet. Those people who consider that are correct, by the way.

Other topics include the Infiniti G37 sedan versus Q50 sales issue, why buying a new Ferrari doesn't mean you get a chance to buy the halo Ferrari, and a few other bits of new car news. From there we turn to Jeffs' seething jealous because Blake is off to Germany to drive a Porsche Panamera Turbo at the 'Ring.

Since it IS the Hooniverse Podcast, we also talk about beer... and Alan brought some damn good stuff!

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