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Episode 36

Heidi Clover, Ex-Wall Street and London based global Investment Banker on creating Tribal Clash the World’s toughest team competition.

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Heidi Clover – Founder Tribal Clash

Heidi Clover is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Tribal Clash, dubbed the 'toughest team competition in the world'. Tribal Clash is building the world's first global fitness competition series that aims to be for functional fitness athletes what Ironman is for triathletes.

Tribal Clash started as a small community event in Devon, UK, in 2013, and has now grown into a global event series with six events on four continents in 2020.

In this episode of the Human Potential Podcast our host, Oliver Freer, talks to Heidi about how she came up with the idea for Tribal Clash and the unique philosophy underpinning the events. Oliver discusses with Heidi the pros and cons of entrepreneurship and the reason why Global Clash survived over other false starts; they also talk about creating meaning in a business and Heidi shares some of her success secrets.

More on Heidi Clover

Heidi is a Finnish ex-pat living in the UK with a background in investment banking and early-stage venture capital on Wall Street and the City of London with the likes of Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Nomura Asset Management. Heidi runs Tribal Clash together with her partner and co-founder Andrew Barker out of their HQ in rural Devon, South West UK, where she escaped from London in 2008 in search of a better life for her children.

Heidi believes that greater levels of happiness comes from experiences over things. Her events encourage humans to break through physical suffering and personal meltdowns to transformational happiness. She balances her work-life balance by involving her children in the business. The youngest is 10 and she is already volunteering at the events!

Heidi has been able to put aside all self-doubt and sees setbacks as mere problems to be solved. She believes that to be the best in the world, you need to at some point have the courage to take the leap and quit everything else that is a distraction.

More on Tribal Clash

Tribal Clash is a team competition for co-ed teams of six, taking place on a beach. It started as a small community “throwdown” in Devon, UK but is now a global event series.

Tribal Clash is a test of teamwork which tests the thesis that together humans are stronger, that it is not about individual strengths but how humans can work together to achieve the extraordinary.

There are plans for Tribal Clash reach more people in more countries, Heidi is planning to launch in Asia including China and South Korea. The aim is also to have at least two more events in the USA to capitalise on the opportunities there.  

Heidi and her team are curating a human experience, and they don't work with anyone who doesn't 'get it'!

Heidi Clover’s book recommendation

Simon Sinek – Start with Why

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