Human Potential
Episode 19

Jim O'Mahony - Ex Global CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi – Global Advertising and Brand Consultant and mission driven entrepreneur

Oliver Freer published on

Jim O’Mahony lives and breathes his personal purpose by “bringing Rock N Roll to business”. He has lived and worked in the UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, China, New York and now Los Angeles across multiple industries including automotive, consumer goods, pharma, beverage, gaming and advertising. His current clients include household name multi-nationals as well as early stage companies in the media and entertainment space. 

In this episode of the Human Potential Podcast he talks to our host, Oliver Freer, on the “Why, Who, What and How of business”, skiing with your knees bent (an analogy for business and life) and the importance of smelling the roses. Jim is currently following his passion to change the world for the better through his association with the Nutrition Innovation Group.

More background on Jim O’Mahony

Jim O'Mahony is a global leader in brand building and advertising

Jim O'Mahony started his career within the motor industry in the United Kingdom when the UK had a vibrant motor industry and he subsequently progressed through design, industrial engineering, human resources, operations management, and marketing and executive management positions in a range of industries. He has built brands and businesses in multiple countries and in every region of the World.

After spending many years on the client-side marketing everything from cars through pharmaceuticals to beer, he eventually moved into the advertising business. Jim joined Saatchi and Saatchi in 2002 as CEO Australia and led the Agency to capture Agency of the Year. He was instrumental in developing a strong management team and winning new business, including Westpac, the biggest win for the agency in over 4 years.

Jim became CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi operations worldwide with the exception of non-Hispanic USA. The stable of clients ranged from local through regional to global including Procter and Gamble, Toyota, Lexus, Visa, Sony Ericsson, Diageo, Danone, China Mobile, Carlsberg and Starbucks to mention a few. He has also been a client-side brand marketer in beverages, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, retail and gaming industries.

More recently, with his partner Sandy Thompson, Jim has launched a consultancy called fixt, which is based in Los Angeles and Toronto. Jim and Sandy have assembled a network of senior partners (known as “friends of fixt”) in key markets including Australia, India, China, New York and London.

Fixt is a broad-based marketing, business and strategic consulting model. The group’s mantra is FEEL (Finding, Engage, Emotion, Love), which the partners describe as the process of connecting people and customers to forge long-lasting and meaningful ties between brands and consumers.

Jim is also a board Director and Special Adviser to “Nutrition Innovation Group” which owns a technology that empowers global mills and refineries to produce raw low GI sugar (at industrial scale) as a one-for-one replacement for white refined sugar. The innovation unleashes the development of better, healthier food & beverage products. The company creates partnerships in the battle to combat the global obesity & diabetes epidemic through research, development and the adoption of low GI sugar in consumer products.

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