Human Potential
Episode 58

Yen Japney, Founder of Curves Sculpting, on setting up a business in the midst of Melbourne lockdown and overcoming major challenges.

Oliver Freer published on

Yen Japney is a Melbourne based entrepreneur who launched her third business, Curves Sculpting while in the midst of Melbourne lockdown and her business has been regularly doubling its turnover.

Yen Japney took everything she learned from her previous entrepreneurial business experiences to create Curves Sculpting and she focuses on giving maximum value whilst constantly improving the business to make a difference.

Yen works in the highly competitive world of fashion and constantly strives to help make women feel their best through using the Curves Sculpting Products.

More about Yen Japney

Yen’s ethos is “Complexity is the enemy of execution, keep it simple”. Hiring high quality staff has helped Jen learn to confidently delegate tasks so she can focus on the bigger picture. When developing, promoting and market testing products her aim is to keep it simple, and avoid the temptation to over complicate a product or an idea.

Yen focusses on having the correct mindset and the “Get It Done” attitude. She has developed a capable team of supportive people around her and appreciates people who challenge her ideas to strive and improve the products and processes. She believes in never giving up and in developing true resilience.

Yen Japney’s Book recommendation

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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