I Just Don't See The Big Deal
Episode 41

Christ Mom! Part 2: J-Law Grows Up, God the Narcissist, and Doys Doys of the Century

Alexander von Sternberg published on

In the second part of their religiously-charged pair of heavy hitting films, the boys give Darren Aronofsky's mother! the old college try (and that's not nearly as disgusting as it sounds). They give a lengthy but fun synopsis, since strangely that's required for the most obvious film of the year, and dive into the themes of environmental preservation, the nature of god, and Jennifer Lawrence's first great performance post-Winter's Bone. You know. The important stuff.

Thanks againto Creative Commons and the talents of these fine artists for allowing the use of their music: "Tainted Cloth" by Oelek, "The Cannery" by Kevin MacLeod, "Wagon Wheel" by Kevin MacLeod, and "The Troll of the Mountain Swing" by Underscore Orkestra.

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