I Just Don't See The Big Deal
Episode 39

Henry and Lester Part 2: Fanfiction the Show, a Suitcase Full of Hope, and Ruinous Music

Alexander von Sternberg published on

In the second part of the boys' next major-slugger coverage, they cover Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, a notorious film from the mid-80s. Notorious why, though? It's really not that bad by TODAY'S post-Serbian Film standards, right? Well, we'll see! Burgess didn't have to do as much convincing to von Sternberg to watch this film as he did with the last travesty from Serbia they watched, mostly because Henry is pretty well-regarded. Before that, though, von Sternberg had to get something off his chest: how much he hated season 7 of Game of Thrones. Burgess has thoughts on the matter too and they're equally un-pretty. They even manage to have a discussion about the meaning of music in film.

Thanks again to Creative Commons and the talents of these fine artists for allowing the use of their music: "Tainted Cloth" by Oelek, "The Cannery" by Kevin MacLeod, "Wagon Wheel" by Kevin MacLeod, and "The Troll of the Mountain Swing" by Underscore Orkestra.

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