I Just Don't See The Big Deal
Episode 6

Jessica Jones and a Social Media Donnybrook

Alexander von Sternberg published on

Burgess and von Sternberg came close to long-distance blows in this episode of the "I Just Don't See The Big Deal" podcast. Well, not really. But Burgess truly was the "goddamn queer" to von Sternberg's "crypto-Nazi," in the parlance of the great Vidal/Buckley debate of 1968, as they went for each others' throats over the vastly misunderstood/overrated, masterpiece/C-average show Jessica Jones. Is this show a matured version of superhero tropes that shatters the shackles of rape culture? Or did it just pretending to be? Cue the pretentious references to old political debates with a surprising lack of "A Serbian Film" references for once.

Thanks again to Creative Commons and the talents of these fine artists for allowing the use of their music: "Tainted Cloth" by Oelek, "The Cannery" by Kevin MacLeod, "Wagon Wheel" by Kevin MacLeod, and "The Troll of the Mountain Swing" by Underscore Orkestra.

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