I Just Don't See The Big Deal
Episode 2

No Man's Sky and a Jurassic World of Pain

Alexander von Sternberg published on

In the sequel to the inaugural episode of the I Just Don't See The Big Deal Podcast, von Sternberg opened by shitting on every summer blockbuster except Mad Max: Fury Road for, I guess, being blockbusters. Then he and Burgess, lucky enough to be in the same city for recording, discussed the upcoming PS4/PC exclusive, No Man's Sky. Burgess didn't get it, von Sternberg tried to explain. Intoxicated hilarity ensued in which Burgess disparaged an entire state's population and pretty much gamers as a whole.

Thanks again to Creative Commons and the talents of these fine artists for allowing the use of their music: "Tainted Cloth" by Oelek, "The Cannery" by Kevin MacLeod, "Wagon Wheel" by Kevin MacLeod, and "The Troll of the Mountain Swing" by Underscore Orkestra.

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