Episode 2

Investing For Eternity Part 2: Treasures

ElevateLive Cebu published on

• Today, having money is important because without it, people will not be able to buy their basic needs-food, shelter, and clothing. In the Bible, 15% of everything Jesus said relates to money and possessions! Even during the Lord’s time, money was already important. 


• People work hard to earn money and buy things for themselves and their loved ones. They are blessings from the Lord. Egyptian pharaohs wre buried together with all their gold and other priceless possessions. They believed that they will still need these treasures in the afterlife. However, that is not the case. 


• The Bible describes money as God’s blessings and gift to His people. However, the love of money causes a person to fall. It is described as the “root of all kinds of evil”. We must not be deceived by the temporary pleasure that money and our possessions give us. 


• “Riches that do not endure forever” simply means that they are only temporary. They do not last long and we eventually run out of them. Sometimes, even people get treasure from us.


• The way we use our money and possessions reflects a lot about our character. We should use our money and possessions not just for our own needs but also for the needs of others as well. Everything that we have is from the Lord and we are accountable to Him.

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