Episode 4

Ministry Fair

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• ELEVATE Teams are the different service teams that serve in ELEVATE Live and in special events. Each team has a different purpose and function, yet all work for the same purpose of glorifying God and helping other people through their talents, skills, abilities, or even just their mere availability. ELEVATE Teams have been instrumental in allowing the students to fulfill their God-given purpose and put their abilities to good use by serving others. It is in our heart that every student in ELEVATE Cebu will invest their time, talents and treasures for eternity. And one of the best ways for them to invest in eternity is through joining and serving as a member of an ELEVATE Team.   


• The purpose of this activity is to: 

A. Give all students who attend ELEVATE Live an opportunity to 

invest in eternity by joining and serving in an ELEVATE Team

B. Orient new volunteers of the team that they signed up for, the activities of the team, its current and active members, and guidelines for volunteers.

C. Give each ELEVATE Team time to do conduct activities deemed necessary for the team (e.g. interview of new sign-ups, training, workshops, planning for future activities, etc.).

D. Give each ELEVATE Team time for fun and fellowship with their current members and their new volunteer sign-ups. 

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