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Episode 2

Werewolf: the Forsaken Actual Play - The Eater of Names

Christopher Allen published on

The second session of Werewolf: the Forsaken - The Eater of Names. Min struggles to adapt to her new life; the pack delve into the life and death of her first kill, and investigate the brutal murder of their previous Crescent Moon.


This is a recording of our game session as it happened, with no editing. For more info about the game and setting, take a look at our forum thread here.


The crew of Eater of Names:

 - Chris, GM and freelance writer for Onyx Path.

 - Agena, playing the Bone Shadow Elodoth 'Red Lantern Widow'.

 - Arran, playing the Hunter in Darkness Rahu 'Lucky Rat'.

 - Luke, playing the Bone Shadow Irraka Wang Lee.

 - Alice, playing the hapless newly-Changed Ithaeur Lao Min.

 - And Katerina the toddler, playing the intrusive background noises of Hong Kong (you have been warned!).

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