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Episode 23

Werewolf: the Forsaken Actual Play - The Eater of Names

Christopher Allen published on

The twenty third session of Werewolf: the Forsaken - The Eater of Names. This is the ninth session of the Three Harmonies story arc.


This is a recording of our game session as it happened, with no editing. For more info about the game and setting, take a look at our forum thread here.

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  • Dave Wurtsmith

    That's IT?! THAT'S the end of the chronicle?!

    I just spent 75+ hours listening to this podcast, only to have the story end abruptly in the middle of the third and final arc. I could understand if something tragic or unexpected came up and the chronicle had to be abandoned because the players and/or Storyteller couldn't make it work anymore, but that's clearly not the case here! The troupe just cut away from one game to another, with no warning or explanation!

    *sigh* I realize that this whole podcast has provided me with months of free entertainment, and that I should be grateful just for the chance to be a fly on the wall for such a well-run and well-written chronicle, but I think most people will understand when I say I'm disappointed and frustrated by the lack of catharsis and closure. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE STORY? Am I missing something? I've checked iTunes, the RPGnet forum thread, even ISWT's old Wordpress site, and I can't find the rest of this chronicle *anywhere*! How can I find out what happened next?