In The Shed

Episode 7

ITS #7 - Professor at Berklee Valencia - Sergio Martínez

Eli Slavkin published on

Sergio Martínez is a professor at Berklee Valencia in both the Master's in Contemporary Performance and Study Abroad programs. He teaches primarily ensembles such as the Latin Jazz ensemble and Flamenco ensembles, and also a flamenco rhythm styles class. Sergio has performed and collaborated with several influential musicians, including but not limited to: Paul Simon, Joe Lovano, and John Patittuci. "Through learning by ear, imitation and practice, I developed strong listening and memorizing skills and also a very strong sense of rhythm, characteristic of flamenco music. I consider these necessary  aspects for the young musicians who have been educated under Western or classical parameters where interpreting is sometimes too attached to reading and where the learning process is also very attached to paper and computers. For me, the combination of both methodologies is the best way to teach, and I challenge my students to learn and memorize by ear as well as by using technology and other resources." - Sergio Martínez

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